Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Those wacky iraqies

I am sick of Iraq.
I listen to a lot of radio as my job involves driving most of the day.
I love NPR. All they talk about is Iraq.
I do not live in Iraq.
I do not care about the people in Iraq.
I do not want to visit Iraq.
I do not want to have a friend from Iraq.
I do not want any more of my money to go to Iraq.
I do not want any of my friends to go to Iraq.
I hate Iraq.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Outback in Tampa

We spent New Years day at the Outback Bowl in Tampa. Good food, good football and friends made for a great day.
I could have gone home after the National anthem and been happy. As Charlie Daniels hit the last note of the anthem we were treated to a "flyover" of the stadium by four fighter jets from McDill Airforce base. Immediately after that four skydivers from the base made a dramatic fall to the center of the football field. Very awe inspiring.
Incidently, there was a football game...won by Penn State.