Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Life on the lake.

We are soon leaving Florida and will return to Indiana, after almost thirty years. Everyone says we are crazy, especially those from Indiana. I think they are wrong.

We are moving to a much smaller house, on a small lake in Northern Indiana. It is not a large body of water, about 50 acres. Just big enough.

My family owns most of the lakefront property. It has been handed down from generation to generation. My wise grandfather bought in about 1948. It is a special place.

We allow fishermen to launch their boats for a fee of $3.00. It is on the honor system and most are honorable people. I have often thought that honor and fishing went hand in hand.

Other than the occasional fisherman, we seldom see outsiders on our lake, especially in the winter. I like that.

Our lake has a soul. It lives and breathes like any of God's creatures. It often suffers. I think of this lake as a member of our family, a kind, giving uncle if you please.

The lake talks to me in the morning as I sit on the patio drinking my coffee. Sandhill cranes, splashing bass, honking geese.........our lake has many voices.

When I am hungry, the lake provides food. When I am hot and stressed, the lake caresses my body. When I am tired, the lake lulls me to sleep with it's gentile symphony of evening sounds.

My mother often told me that there were three simple things in life that soothe the soul. Watching a dancing fire on a cold night, watching wild creatures go about their daily lives, and watching water.

I will soon have the best of all those worlds, and I am grateful for it.

The Stare.

You know the one I am talking about. When they pull their cell phone out of their pocket and give it the stare.

It could also be called a glare, it is intense. They just stared at their phone two minutes ago, but there they go again. What exactly are they waiting for?

One would think they were praying to some cellular god that lives inside their phone. "Please god, have someone call or text me". I am so lonely.

Cell phones, like computers, have empowered the meekest and weakest of us with a sense of power. Someone has texted me, therefore, I am important. If I were to miss a call......it would be the end of the world, as we know it.

I spend a lot of time waiting in airports. I feel like Woody Allen, observing life on this planet. For the most part, everyone in the airport is looking at their cell phone. That L.E.D. light emitting from the phone shines on their face. Perhaps God is really talking to them from his enlightened throne.

I am no exception. I do have a rule that I do not take my cell phone into stores when I
have business with the owner. I am old fashioned, to answer a phone while in a meeting
is rude.

We have our house for sale. I interviewed three realtors. One of the realtors had a blue
tooth stuck in her ear, every time she came to the house. This told me something about
her priorities. That phone call, that I might get, that might be important, that can't wait..
.......is more important than you.

She didn't get the listing.