Sunday, March 16, 2008

I pretty much hate the human race

My father in law (a highly educated man) would occassionally emit these words; "I really don't like people, for the most part". "They bore me".
As I approach my sixties, I can now reflect on those words. I must concur, people are basically stupid. On a strictly percentage wise comparison, you must understand.
I know some intelligent people. They pretty much stick to themselves and are recluse. They don't watch American Idol, Extreme Cage Fighting or Oprah. NPR is their bag...and they don't advertise the fact. God, they are for the most part liberals, which is the kiss of death these days.
I don't consider myself a liberal, or Democrat for that matter. I lean Libertarian. I feel sorry for Democrats. They have Hillary or Obama to choose from. That is scary.

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