Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Let me shock you.

I sincerely believe the world is going mad. I see it every day.

People do things that are meant to shock and awe. There is no limit to their actions or dress.

Yesterday, a young girl pulled her pants down to show us all her new butt tattoo. There was not one shred of modesty in her, that I could see. She was proud and barely eighteen.

I think this all started about twenty years ago when everyone my age started dressing like Willie Nelson. Don't get me wrong, I love Willie. I just don't want to look or act like him. He is not my idol. His stature as the "ultimate outlaw" started a trend. I wonder if he is proud of that fact.

I have pretty much stopped watching any television. Movies and books are my source of recluse. I can escape the madness for a short time.

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