Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Linda Peterson

My Brother-in-Law and Friend, Chuck
I have many memories of Chuck after John and I were wed. I remember the Sue and Chuck’s wedding with the antique cars. Lisa was just a month old and we sat in the back of the church. I was very grateful she slept through the entire wedding.
Lady Girl had been used for breeding and she quit going through heat. The owners had no use for her and added her to their auction. I got to know Chuck when be bought a St. Bernard at this auction for $5. All I could see was her head in the back of his Karman Ghia. Lady Girl was our love and lived with us for 3 years before she died. If it hadn’t been for Chuck’s kind heart at that auction we would not have had such a great dog. We remember how careful she was with Lisa (toddler) and was very protective.
I remember Lisa telling me of the adventures of the 2 brothers in John’s pickup truck (green Ford with 2 stick shift levers). John had a tendency to allow the gas lever to reach empty, how empty could it get! Sweet Lisa told it all! Chuck always called her “Lisa Pizza” and she in return called him “Chuckie Ducky.” Chuck remembered that when we visited over Thanksgiving 2008. I will always remember Chuck by his nickname!
When John and I moved to Florida, it was a very difficult decision, but we did it! We missed our families and all of the holiday celebrations up north in Indiana. We created our own traditions. Then we lost Lisa in 1999, Chuck helped organize for Pete (his dad), Dee, and himself to fly down here, stay in a motel, and attend all of Lisa’s funeral services. He was such a blessing and helped us through such a difficult time. He can never know how much this helped us, and what it meant to John and I. My family is older in age, couldn’t travel and was not here for any of the funeral services. Chuck and the other Petersons were our only family members in attendance. God bless him.
Since John has slowed down with his business we have been able to take more trips up north. Chuck knew I followed ND football (even as they have lost many games) and hung a flag at our lake cottage. Sue got a lamp and it made it perfect to watch ND football. I know he doesn’t follow Notre Dame, but it was such a surprise to see that flag flying.
One Christmas season many years ago, Chuck and Sue bought us a Thomas Kincade centerpiece with the original design. We loved it and have many other designs of his. In 2008 we said NO MORE GIFTS. I guess Chuck did not follow the directions, since we received another original at Christmas 2008. He never stops in giving and sharing his love.
He also built us a fire pit during 2007, which we use often even during this last summer, and even if it is freezing in the winter at Thanksgiving 2008. We cookout marshmallows and sat and watch the lake. Chuck did all of this on his own. He also fixed up the barn and roof of the OTHER GARAGE (barn), and has helped us in so many ways we probably do not know. He is the one we have called upon to assist us with Charles. Chuck never has hesitated in helping the family even when he has been so sick. He is a giving individual and I love him deeply.
I wish I could have shared these words with him before he died, but I know he knew how much we loved him. In thinking back, Chuck has really been more of a brother than a brother-in-law. I will miss you dear friend.
Linda M. Peterson

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