Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I am not a particularly religious person. I believe there is a God. I am just not sure he believes in me.
I have always tried to lead a Christian life. I think that is a good thing and I feel better for it.

The writings of Henry David Thoreau have had a profound effect on my thinking and actions. Probably not as much as Christian teachings, but definitely a factor in the way I think.

Linda and I are approaching a new adventure in our lives. We intend to leave Florida, after 30 years, in a few months.

In preparation, we have been discarding all those "things" that we find unnecessary in our lives.
At first, it was a chore. As we progressed, it became an obsession and especially for me, a necessity.

As we threw away, sold or gave away "things", we frantically looked for more items to dispose of.

It became a game.

Here is the funny part. After a few weeks, we can't remember what we got rid of. Maybe that set of candles given to us as a present many years ago, wasn't that important.

I can't speak entirely for Linda but I feel cleansed, without so much life baggage to worry and care about.

I like this simple life.

Hanging over my desk at work is a quote by Thoreau. It is weathered and yellow and has been stuck on my bulletin board for over thirty years. For some reason, it resonated with me when I first read it.

Lately, it makes more sense.

"Simplify, Simplify, Simplify". Henry David Thoreau

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